Why must servers be so expensive???

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 19 Apr 2006

Yesterday my departments' brand spanking new server was delivered Today I went to go fetch it - a rack mounting Dell Poweredge 2850. Dual core processors, 2gig ram, 2 x 250 gig HD's, dedicated SATA controller, the works...

Its all dandy until you realise there is nothing that justifies the giant price tag. I mean common, you can buy a Dell XPS machine for the same money and the performance will be multiples better! Not that Im not excited - I really like having a new toy to play with. But really, where does the cost go? Is it because of the case? I doubt it, there is nothing special in the design either. Dedicated wind tunnels, but nothings as graceful or well designed as a Xserver. Maybe I am just too fussy. Performance is great though. Guess it comes down to reliability...
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