Some real competition

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 05 Jun 2006

There are some great things happening in the world of computing - real competition. Intel and AMD are starting to have a decent war, even though Intel seems to have a headstart in notebook processors. I love supporting the underdog (AMD in this case) but Intel's notebook processors are just superior in any way. The only possible advantage to AMD's is the 64bit support. But who uses 64 bit? Maybe in about two years...

And then there is Apple. Finally they run Windows, and really well. Their new MacBooks are decently priced and they look damn good as well. Put it this way - if you were in the market for a top class Windows notebook, Thinpads were about your only choice. These days there is nothing stopping you from buying that lovely looking MacBook Pro... Then again, Apple's market share has not really crossed the 4% barrier in global sales. Could be because people holded out for the Intel machines.

In the end, the consumer wins. Hooray for competition! Now if we can only get some of that to whip Telkom's butt. Vist the hellkom website.
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