Posted by Minnaar Pieters 05 Jul 2006

I always take great care to have my Firewall and AntiVirus software up to date and I dont run strange little apps on my PC. But then yesterday I got struck by probably the worst form of Spyware I have seen up to now. I was sitting in a office when my PC picked up a unsecured wireless network. First reaction - cool! Free Internet!!

But then before I knew it, my computer was cr*pped upon with a load of icons accross my screen. After some research I realized I have fallen victim to Spywarequake - and that it is notoriously hard to remove. My AdAware and Spybot both picked it up but could not successfully remove it - and I still cant use my Internet Explorer (which I need for Sharepoint). And just about every site that shows the process gives you some other little app to download.

The greatest irony of SpyWareQuake is that is tries to sell "AntiMalware" software - these guys should be BOMBED.

A lot of sites seem to recommend XoftSpy
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