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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 13 Sep 2006
Today Jobs announced a lot of cool new toys - but users of older iPod's get to use new software features. iTunes can now automatically download Album artwork (but you need a iTunes account, something which requires a first world country), and it has a great new interface. Supposedly Apple purchased the CoverFlow software which was available only for OS X. It really looks awesome in just normal use. It has a cool 3D effect (I guess it uses some Quicktime method):

iPods get new features - users of 5th gen iPod + Video players actually get some new features as well - the players now have gapless playback (great for fans of Tool and Radiohead) and a few new games which actually looks pretty cool, although they do cost $5 each. But how the hell is a South African supposed to get them? (Seeing as you need a iTunes account)

The iPod Software Download feature is now integrated into iTunes - and it looks great. No more scratching in Preferences menus. Users can easily see the usage of storage as well.

iPod users also get brightness control (something which possibly boost battery time) and some useful new scrolling assistance.

iLounge has great coverage of all new features (as always).
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