WWW Applications Conference

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 19 Sep 2006
I recently went to a world wide web developers conference in Bloemfontein - was quite an experience. Some speakers were great, others were not at all. I especially enjoyed the keynote speech by Stephen Downes - he spoke about methods of how Web 2.0 technoogies are changing the landscape of education methods. Very interesting viewpoints - in addition to this he used a SkypeCast to broadcast this talk to anyone who wished to listen to it as well...

This was of-course a technical nightmare - luckily Stephen is quite a engaging speaker and handled the crowd really well despite problems. It is really incredible to think about the possibilities of future methods to give classes or talks....

Afterwards we went to JHB and Pretoria - Daan lives there. We decided to visit the Apartheids Museum - is actually a very educational experience. Obviously I was living in oblivion in the 80's...

Two more photos of our trip at: http://suikerbos.blogspot.com
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