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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 01 Oct 2006

My day normally starts with me going to my office and first reading all my favourite news sites with a cup of coffee. This normally entails me opening Firefox and opening my entire bookmark toolbar at once. This sends me on a news reading trip that lasts about 20 minutes. I want to know what is going on the areas in which I am interested in, as well as other areas I wish I knew more about. But doing this everyday can be become unproductive and dig (mind the pun) into your time that is meant to be spent on work or research.

This weekend I decided to give Google Reader a shot - not that Im backwards and only noticed it now. I have just not been bowled over by RSS feeds so I was hoping this wasnt just another poorly designed RSS aggregator (which it is!). And I have to say I am very impressed. Starting up is as easy as "subscribing" to all your favourite website (iow all the sites you read everyday) and then Google Reader compiles it into one easy to read page without extra banner ads and whatnot. I appreciate the more clean cut feel and it is definately faster tshan opening each site itself. The images are rendered into smaller sizes (less bandwidth costs) and the user is given notice on how much new news is made available. Just browsing through it automatically makes the article "read". You can also opt just to have it display only unread news.

The whole experience is very easy to use and I recommend it to any internet junkie who does not normally like using tools like Im a sucker for a good interface and this is a perfect example of that.

This is definately my number one bookmark. Go and try it.
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