Posted by Minnaar Pieters 15 Dec 2006

Well I am back from my trip to India... I cant really say it was only fun, but rather an adventure. For all the frustration involved in a normal day, there is of course a lot of beauty in the country. One is constantly trying to think of one thing that might be a solution to such a 3rd world country. Maybe they should put more effort into a decent education system, maybe they should spend more on tourism infrastructure, or maybe they should have laws against people crapping next to you on the sidewalk.

I have never been in a place with so much filth - and somehow the indian people dont seem bothered by it. Obviously there are cleaner places, but cities lake Mumbai and Agra are under a constant layer of dust, with a ever lasting smell in the air which is something between a wet towel and old urine... I have never been a neat freak and would not consider myself a finicky person, but I became so aware of dirt and disease, it pretty much takes over your entire thought pattern...

There are really beautiful places - the Taj Mahal, Shimla etc... and I will post some of these photos eventually. We went to some IT related conferences, mostly academic in nature. Language was a giant barrier, Indian english is not quite english.... I will add some more later.
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