Damn you Steve Jobs

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 10 Jan 2007
Well, I know where my paycheck might be going to :-(. But really, I cant help but thinking this is is beyond huge. Why would I want to buy a costly Nokia N80 (the phone I think is closest to this in terms of features), if this is winking at me down the line? My phone upgrade is due in 2 weeks, so its kinda bugging me. All those proximity sensors, accelorometers etc is giving me geek goosebumps. Minority report gestures is coming closer and closer to us normal folk.

But I know one thing - I like the feel of keys. (not in some weird way) Anyone who has used Nevo remote on a PPC would agree. I like the tactile bounce of a key to tell me I pressed the button. Thats my only gripe.

Guess I will stick to the N80.

Choices choices.
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