Vista is coming

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 10 Jan 2007

Vista is close...
With all the hoopla about Apple's iPhone, I cant help but to think they stole Vista's thunder. Its too different products, I know, but somehow Vista is lame after seeing the interface for the iPhone. If a phone can run that kinda graphics, why all the hype about Aero?
But getting more serious, Vista is stunning. Ive been running it since its Beta days and was always a bit weary, never running it as my primary OS. Well, about three days ago I took the leap to the full on RTM Enterprise version of Vista. It runs really well, no hang ups whatsoever. I am running centrino duo, gig ram and a Radeon X1400. Smooooooth.
Installation is brisk (about 25mins) and all my drivers installed without any additional downloading. I am running a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1536, and somehow FS has not made drivers available yet. Luckily Vista had its own drivers... Even devices such as Pocket PCs and such just prompted me to download a "mobile device center" which I am happy to say is very slick and works much quicker than Activesync. Thank you MS. I am gathering this is a general consensus, people do not seem to be having driver issues. Manufacturers have been given from 30 November to 30 January to do this. So only time will tell.

I am running all my old applications, and they all seem to work fine. Vista is smart enough to notice that a application is not working correctly, opting you to run it without Aero. VLC somehow did not want to run on Vista while in Aero, and Vista helped me out automatically. I love this kind of attention to detail. You can kind of see where all the long effort went into.
The much vaunted Readyboost feature actually works. Readyboost works when a large capacity flash disk is inserted (or a SD card). It then takes available memory (which can be adjusted) and adds it as sort of additional page file. Smaller files in the page file is then used on the flash disk in addition to the harddrive. It sounds complex, but longs story short, it works. I used a simple 1gig cheapie SD card (Apacer) and it immediately offered to speed up my machine.
Besides the new interface, the other "wow" app is speech recognition. It really works. As long as you have a decent microphone, it works without a hitch. "minimize", "start firefox" etc. Lovely. It also dictates into emails and web browsers or whatever.
So far I am very happy with it, and I will recommend to anyone with a reasonably up to date machine. If you want an in depth review, go to
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