UAC and me

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 08 Feb 2007
Vista's much touted UAC feature is certainly once of those great examples of a feature that is well meant but is terrible in execution. The fact that I have to authenticate whether a certain action should occur on the computer is a great preventative measure yet somehow I cant help but see its flaws.

I am really impressed by the way Vista proactively tries to help you out if you have a compatibility error - for example, the first time I ran VLC it bombed out. Now on XP, I would have had to figure that out myself. Vista does that for you, connecting to some troubleshooting database or something, and there you go. The very next time I started up VLC, it automatically disabled the desktop composition engine. Great.

Now why cant they utilize this with UAC? I mean, if a executed code could be declared safe on some well administrated database, why cant they help me out?

You are coming to sad realization: Cancel or Allow?

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