iTunes update and the madness ensues

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 07 Mar 2007
At last Apple has updated iTunes for Vista - the application runs smoother, has less rendering errors and sports an awesome new full screen cover flow mode. The application still has a few errors, and includes an absolute lack of Aero use. Apple still says it has a few Vista "niggles" which will be ironed out in the next release... Of course the OS X version is spotless.

Us early Vista users had to sit and wait for a decent upgrade - while Apple blamed the issues on Vista. Or perhaps it wasnt that simple right? If you think about it, many people have become so reliant on their PCs as a source of entertainment that they are willing to hold out on upgrading to a new fancy OS just so that their music keeps playing without issues. Makes you think about Apple's current position - with so many millions of iPods about and people investing decent money on their music libraries, the shine of a new OS loses its luster if its not going support your music player on the subway the next day all that well. Apple is currently in the position of having such a big and supportive following that it can actually tell its "users" to please hold off on Vista for a while while they are "fixing" iTunes. Please.

If I'm not wrong, hardware and software companies had about a month to adjust their products after the RTM candidate was made? What was Apple doing then? Choosing a poor time to announce a yet to be released phone? Apple is using the popularity of iTunes and iPod to curb Windows users to upgrade. If it wasn't for Windows, the iPod would still be some overpriced pretty toy. This sounds like the makings of a evil empire...

Bad move Apple...
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