Xbox Site down?

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 27 Mar 2007

After buying myself a Xbox 360 about two weeks ago, I have been really miffed to find out that there is a "Elite" version on the way with a black casing and a bigger, 120Gig Hard drive. To be honest I would love to have the latest and greatest... but on the other hand, I havent used 10 percent of my machine's harddrive, I stream music and movies through our network and I occasionaly plug my iPod in when I game. The Xbox marketplace is basically useless in South Africa - thanx Telkom!

Dont like the black casing either - I like the whole Apple white thing. As for the controllers - I would love black ones, seeing as Im constantly wiping the muck and dirt of it after my brother played with it.

In a new development - the Xbox site is down, and with all the "big release on Wednesday" hype, I guess the Elite is on its way...
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