Posted by Minnaar Pieters 14 Apr 2007

After Walt Mossberg's recent plea to PC makers to refrain from installing trial and bundled "crapware" on new machines, Apple has been quick to pounce on this little (big) problem. I recently purchased a new Thinkpad, a machine which traditionally had a reputation of being very task orientated. Even though the "Thinkvantage" suite is essential to certain hardware's functions, it is still poorly designed and sometimes slows the machine down to a crawl... I would really appreciate more control over the initial power up phase of a new machine... I mean how many people have to realize at some point that Norton Antivirus is actually a pile of junk?

I thought the new Get a Mac ads are lame - until the absolute truth of this ad hits you... But the Apple guy is still a pompous prick.

Classic - go check it out at
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