Posted by Minnaar Pieters 01 May 2007

I just found this great app for anyone who uses some device to stream movies from a windows machine. Using a Xbox 360 with a normal Windows (non media center) machine is very limited, and the range of codecs and formats are basically only Microsoft's own (supposedly the May 2007 update will fix this, but too little too late...). TVersity is a server side software that encodes files on the fly into something that the Xbox (or Wii or PS3 or whatever) will understand in its own format. Using a FFShow codec (or whichever codec pack you might prefer), it means that any file you are to play on your normal machine through Windows Media Player, can now be streamed to your device. The streaming is quick and can easily be customized based on your type of network connection, wired or wireless. No stuttering, no problems.

The software is really useful - it also does photos and music, and much better than the normal Microsoft alternatives. Music in weird file formats are also converted on the fly.

Setup is rather simple, but the software can be a little fussy. Most problems can be fixed by just restarting the app. Ive been using it on a XP and Vista machine, no real problems. I am running it on a Centrino laptop and a new dual core Centrino as well. The app is still free and in beta, lets hope they keep it free. On the other hand, I might pay for it if they can get it very stable...

Check it out at
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