iSkin Revo2 iPhone 3G silicone case

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 31 Oct 2008
iSkin Revo

When I got my iPhone I bought a cheap little simple silicone sleeve which did not really protect the phone fully. The screen was exposed, and the silicone started to stretch somewhat which led to the case starting to fold over the iphone corners.

So I decided to take the plunge and buy a decent case for my expensive toy. I decided on the iSkin Revo2, (the black one) which was quite pricey at R400 ($40). The overall feel of the case is much better, and the silicone has much higher quality look. It also looks really good. It is also quite stiff silicone, and the front of the iPhone is much better protected. The earpiece and home button area is decently covered. The screen can be covered with a clip on hard plastic cover, which I doubt I will keep on using. It can be removed and clipped on the back but it is not an ideal solution.

The dock connector and earphone port is covered with decent clip on rubber pieces which simply fold over when they are in the way. A screen anti glare film is included, but I havent had a chance t use it yet, seeing as I have a film on already.

Overall the phone is very well protected without adding unnecessary bulk, which is in my opinion all I want from a case.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but take at the look at the just released iSkin Fuze. But it does look expensive as well...
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