Supertooth Voice bluetooth car kit

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 20 Oct 2008
Supertooth Voice

I have had a iPhone for about three weeks now, and I am absolutely in love with it. Its reliable, easy to use and and a great device for keeping yourself entertained. The battery life is better than expected, and I love just connecting it in my car and listening to all my music without carrying a extra device around.

One little vice is that the touch screen requires that you look down at it when using the phone; which is dangerous when driving. It makes you miss the tactile feedback of a normal keypad.

So this weekend I decided to get myself a car kit - a Supertooth Voice to be precise. After reading reviews on all the major bluetooth kits, I found this was the one that got consistent great reviews. And yes, I am happy with it as well. 

It is small (about the size of a iPhone), and really quick to set up. Switch it on, make sure the phone bluetooth is on as well, choose what language you like (there is luckily a British and American english!) and then it automatically downloads your phone's contacts into its memory. The sound quality is great and you can answer the phone with your voice - just say "yes" or "OK".  When someone calls you, the device announces the person's name, and then gives you chance to answer it. Which is cool I guess, but in SA that means very funny pronounciations with some Afrikaans names.

Battery life is supposedly about a month or 15 hours talk time. Which is a long time. You luckily get a car charger as well, and you can also charge it with any mini-B USB cable. SO no probs with finding a charger. I will see how the battery keeps up.

It mounts with a small steel clip on your visor, and then a strong set of magnets on the device, which makes it easy to quickly remove and install. 

Overall a very happy purchase.
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