Why the 2010 World Cup might be a good thing

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 07 Nov 2008
Fifa World Cup 2010

Even though I am not particularly positive of the 2010 Soccer world cup being held in South Africa, I am happy that we will definately get a upgrade in terms of first world infrastructure that we so desperately need. Over the past few months there are small changes that have been popping up which is giving me hope:

  • Neotel is shaping up to be a decent competitor to Telkom
  • HDTV has finally been released (even though it is only one channel)
  • Digital TV broadcasting is switched on
  • Our public transport will hopefully get a huge upgrade - even though I love cars I believe we need to have the choice of taking a train without being murdered, robbed or raped.
  • International services might actually improve - take Google Maps for example. They need to improve South Africa's maps before the influx of the world's biggest sporting event. It might actually make the software useful to people who live here as well.
I have a rather big frustration - why is Google Maps in South Africa almost useless? I have been trying to contact Google SA offices for a answer, but I cannot find their contact details. Closest I have come is this little community of them:

Damn, I would help them out if they needed it - I would stick whatever device on my car and help them create the maps if they wanted me too :-).
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