Hewlett Packard South Africa Crap Service

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 26 Dec 2008
HP Pavilion Notebook

Recently my girlfriend's HP Pavilion notebook decided to give up the ghost - the machine started overheating by just playing a DVD. My logical conclusion was that the system suffered from one of Nvidia's faulty GPUs. So I took it back to Game in Somerset West, and they sent it to Incredible Solutions.

Here the first snag hit - Incredible Solutions in Cape Town lost track of where the notebook was, and three weeks later (on its ETA to me) they called to inform me that they unfortunately never sent it out to Axiz for repair. It was just sitting there in their warehouse.

Then they sent it to Axiz, who did not have any success with the machine. Then Axiz sent it to HP for evaluation who kept the machine and waited for a new mainboard and heatsink. I could never get a status update from HP on my machine, and only after completely losing my cool they started showing better service - but still crap none the less.

(Here is my post to hellopeter.com after 5 weeks)

After waiting EIGHT weeks for a repair (crazy right?), it arrived back at Game, where I picked it up. I popped in a DVD and the problem was not fixed, at all... Supposedly they replaced the system mainboard and heatsink but I am not so sure. To be honest I will stay away from HP laptops in South Africa. Their machine quality and service is absolutely shocking.

You may call this slander, I call it the truth. Luckily Game gave me back the money for the machine, which I appreciate. I will always buy from game whenever possible, their after sales service is perhaps the only respectable one in South Africa.
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