Apple continually reminds us that Mac's "just work". I havent been quite so lucky.

I recently acquired a new Macbook 13inch unibody model. I also purchased a minidisplayport to VGA adaptor at a ridiculous R510 (About $50). When connecting to a high resolution screen with a pixel rating of 1600 and up, the screen starts to switch off sporadically every few minutes. I use a 22 inch Samsung at work and a 24 inch Acer at home which both have the same symptoms. Needless to say this is very, very irritating.

I posted this problem on Apple's discussion forum, with no clear solution listed. This is a huge problem with these machines and I have not heard of anyone who can fix this. With no official statement from Apple I decided to email and one of the european PR reps phoned me to find out about the problem. I explained the entire situation and she assured me that they will work on a solution.

My colleaugue has the exact same machine with exactly the same problems with his machine using his VGA adaptor. So this is clearly not a one off fault.

I must say I do appreciate Apple's excellent customer service, despite the fact that problem is not solved yet. Having a almost daily call to tell me that the problem will be fixed is quite novel for me, seeing as I live in the customer service starved country called South Africa.

Here's hoping they solve it soon enough.
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