The merit of Twitter

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 14 Feb 2009

Call me anything, but I would not say I am a luddite. Except when it comes to twitter. I am really having a tough time finding a productive use for it. I started to use it actively this week - although I use it more to follow tech pundits in the US - like Paul Thurrott, Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, Kevin Rose etc. It is great for that little bit. But to twitter posts on myself is something I dont quite get yet.

At least with a facebook status all my actual friends can actually see what I am upto or thinking. Twitter is a little different - I inputted my Google address book details and it did not find one single person I know on twitter (this is out of a list of more than 500 people). So even if I do update my status in twitter, who is going to see it? I have started to get a few followers, but I have to continually question what exactly am I contributing their lives?

One area I can see twitter maybe being useful is if you are trying to self promote your web presence. After putting myself on twitter my site visits have gone up quite a bit in only a short few hours - so if only for that, I might actually make an effort to update my twitter status.

Here is a good article on the merits of twitter.
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