Tip of the week: Mac edition

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 17 Feb 2009
I decided I am going to start doing a weekly tip for both Windows and Mac. This can include new methods of doing familiar tasks or simply a quick download of a application. I will try to do this every week. First up is the Mac version.

I always try to download the latest updates for my machines, which can be quite a headache. You have to fire up every app and check for a update option in the menu bar, which can take a long time if you have a lot of apps.

It is also a hassle when apps update when you are on a "expensive" connection like 3G or have a very low cap. Then you can fire up this app once you are in a free area like a public hotspot.

I recently came across AppFresh. The app can automatically check for downloads available for all apps. Instead of running each app's individual downloader it has a central repository that can easily check which version you have and compare it to the latest version available.

It is currently still free, but they might start charging for it later. So jump at it while you still have the chance.
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