Why does SA put up with this?

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 17 Feb 2009

I recently acquired a Macbook unibody model that has the new DisplayPort adaptor, which has been giving me many problems. Now this post will not go on about this.

I had to buy a Displayport to VGA adaptor for $29. Simple enough. So I phoned up Digicape and they had them in stock - for R564!!! (That is about $54). Now before you tell me that I would be mad to buy that, I called Project3, their main competitor. They asked R510. Other competitors ask round about the same.

How can something that costs $29 all over the world cost this much in South Africa? I realize of course that people are desperate to buy the adaptors, so they will pay for it, so they can rightly so increase the price momentarily while there is still some hype behind new macbooks. But a 40% increase in price is unacceptable, and is called profiteering.And dont tell me the shipping and import fees are 40% on something that weighs about a 100 grams at most.

When asking them why they ask that much, the customer service guys just normally laugh, and say they have no control over it.

South Africans need to expose companies like these for what they are - oppurtunist crooks. Digimates my arse.
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