About a month ago, I put up a nomination badge on my blog for the SA Blog Awards for the hell of it - does not hurt right? Well yesterday the finalists for the awards were announced, and low and behold, there is my blog in the "Best New Blog" category!

Well I am thrilled, because blogging is simply a pleasure. It is a way to enable your passion for sharing information, get opinions and just feel you leave your small little mark somewhere. Using tools like directories, twitter etc very quickly becomes a passion which can take up quite a bit of time. Well, it seems all those methods I used payed off, and I am now a finalist in the SA Blog Awards 2009!

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I am a R&D Analyst in Stellenbosch South Africa who has a immense passion for all things tech related. I embrace technology, open source and web standards, and I participate and contribute to the social web.