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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 06 Mar 2009
Regarding my previous post on the lack of Google Maps in South Africa, I recently came accross a tip on Amaze GPS software on twitter. Here you can few the post on the user's blog: pixturesq: GPS navigation for S.A. So if you are looking for a free GPS software for your mobile, while we are waiting for Google to remove their finger, check out Amaze GPS.

I have always used Garmin Mobile XT in my days of Symbian, and the product does work. Its coverage is great, and its software is very similiar to the Garmin Nuvi units.
Garmin Mobile XT Screenshot
However, it is very unstable, and the software would for no particular reason just suddenly wipe out all you waypoints. Not very highly recommended (that is one of the reason's you cannot tell me a Samsung omnia is better than a iPhone because of its GPS). And it costs about $99, which is way to much in my opinion.

I will give Amaze GPS a try, hopefully it impresses me more than Garmin Mobile XT.

Amaze GPS
Update: After playing around with Amaze GPS, I have to admit it is a pretty nifty tool especially if you consider it is free. One big downside compared to Garmin Mobile XT is the fact that the maps are not built in to the software, so the maps have to be downloaded as you drive. So if you have bad reception in a area, you are out of luck.

The interface is pretty good as well. So if you do not want to spend money on GPS software, and you only use GPS navigation occasionally and your phone has a built in GPS but no navigation software bundle, give it a whirl. (Thanx gdesmedt1)

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