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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 25 Mar 2009
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I wrote previously about how Facebook does not really care about what you think of the redesign - well it seems they have backed down a little, and started to give users back some features they had in the previous design. While users will not get back the old news feed system, they will be able to customize the new design so that it comes pretty close. Put it this way, if the new design bothers you enough, you will be able to change it.

From Facebook's latest blogpost, here are the changes that are coming to the stream:

  • Live updating: One of the most common requests is the ability to see your stream update automatically. We will be adding the ability to turn on auto updating in the near future so you no longer need to refresh the page. (This is one part I do actually look forward to)
  • Photo tags: In order to surface more photos you might like to see, we'll be adding photos tagged of your friends to the stream. This will happen in the coming weeks.
  • More choices for applications: We've heard feedback that there is a lot of application content appearing in the stream. We will be giving you tools to control and reduce application content that your friends share into your stream.
Then, the other part that I particularly had trouble with is the finding of certain things on the screen. Lucklily they are moving requests right to the top of the screen, and the friends lists will be more customizable right from the homepage.

Again there are obviously people who request that user's be given a choice between the old and new interface. Obviously they dont think of Facebook as a business - therefore, I request those people to again go read my older post regarding this argument.

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