iPhone 3.0 Advance Preview

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 12 Mar 2009

So it seems Apple sent out a invitation to developers for a special event on the 17th of March regarding iPhone 3.0 Software. While many people are eagerly awaiting on the next iPhone to spill their hard earned cash on, the real beauty of the iPhone platform has always been it's software, and the modularity of it. When Apple released the iPhone 3G, it instanly made the iPhone version 2.0 software available to users of the older model. This gives the iPhone a feel of it always been new, with new updates every few months.

Even though it is a groundbreaking device, there has always been a few problems that have bugged users - like lack of copy and paste, no MMS, no forwarding of SMS, no multitasking (in 2009, common?!). Hopefully this update will address these issues.

What I want:

Multitasking (or notifications, just get it done)
MMS and the ability to send and recieve business cards
Bluetooth Tethering (read my article on how Apple sees Africa)
Copy and Paste naturally.

Just a pointer Apple - continue to make these software updates available to older iPhone users, otherwise you will instantly lose brand loyalty. Keep the iPhone updatable. Its one of its greatest features.

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