Skype for iPhone officially official!

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 30 Mar 2009
Skype for iPhone interface

After my previous post on Skype's SIP plans, I criticized them for there slow adaption of mobile platforms. Well, seems they have finally listened to their users, and they are releasing Skype for iPhone tomorrow and for Blackberry in May! iPhone and Blackberry users might actually expand the product's reachability because these users are typically early adopters. (Not that Skype is in any way a early adopter's tool...)

Well initial previews of the app reveal the following - the Contacts on the iPhone will be integrated with the app, so the application will not only remember its own contact list. Hopefully it will auto add skype contacts already in your contacts? They have also sticked to the tried and tested iPhone OS interface guidelines, so it looks good as well (take note Fring and Nimbuzz). The application will also feature better voice quality than Nimbuzz or Fring, seeing as it will not have the latency of the reverse engineered codecs.

Now for the bad news: The application is Wifi only. So countries who have unlimited 3G access will just have to suck it, we in South Africa are used to expensive 3G. So no difference to us. Skype for iPhone will also not have access to value added services like Voicemail and SMS, and users will not be able to access the monetary side of their accounts. But SkypeOut is available

Here is how the app can become perfect - give me landscape keyboard for IM and integrate it properly with iPhone 3.0 (notification please sir).

Sources: Wired, Gizmodo

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