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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 02 Mar 2009
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Foxmarks has always been one of the greatest tools available to anyone who uses multiple computers. The basic idea has been that it syncs bookmarks (or in IE speak, favourites) between all your computers. It is stable, and works tremendously well. Highly recommended.

Today Foxmarks is changing to Xmarks. This is because a short while ago they made their software available to Internet Explorer and Safari users, again giving you sync availability regardless of which browser you use on any machine. Now this great and all but they have a big ace up their sleeve.

Because they have access to all the stored URL's that people find important enough to bookmark, they are now releasing a suggestion engine which can give you very good recommendation if you are looking for a specific topic. While Google has recently made searchwiki available which give users the ability to make search results more relevant or less relavant, this is actually a much more efficient method.
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Because users actually bookmark the links that the Xmark search engine returns to you, you can be reasonably certain of a high quality or accurate website. Now you do not have to open the xmarks website to use this feature, it runs as a plugin whenever you do a Google search. Users simply get a xmarks icon next to the most "relevant" (read: most bookmarked) results on xmarks's own server.

Give it a go.

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