Apple opens up to Microsoft!

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 01 Apr 2009

In a surprise announcement today, Apple announced its willingness to start adapting Microsoft operating systems in its computer hardware and phones. The announcement has far reaching implications that creates oppurtunitities for both major companies.

Apple will from 1 April 2009 start giving buyers at the ability to configure their macbook, imac, mac pro or mac mini with Windows Vista instead of Mac OS X 10.5. Current interim CEO of Apple, Timothy D. Cook, states that the following:

"We have always watched Microsoft from afar, and have taken hints and ideas from their hints and ideas. Microsoft Vista is clearly a superior product from a corporate viewpoint, and we have decided to incorporate its versatility in our product line up. We are moving away from virtualization - it is clearly the type of freedom our customers do not appreciate. Apple is very excited of the prospect of years of relationship building with Steve Balmer and co. Bad artists copy. Great artists steal."

In perhaps another surprise move, Apple is also going to start making Windows Mobile available on iPhones. The new model named iPhone Red(mond) edition, is going on sale today. The software is said to be a direct port of the interface of the Samsung Omnia, which has a interesting TouchFLO like interface similiar to the HTC smartphones.

The new iPhone Red(mond) edition will also do away with the clunky generic earphone jack and will give users a proprietary earphone jack which give users the oppurtunity a to use a new range of earphones. The new screen will also use traditional forced induction touch screen which have clearly been a much more successful method for competing companies. The new model will also go on market for a lower price of $99, of which Tim Cook notes:

"It's time we do away with Apple Tax. We are in a recession, and this is clearly the way forward!".

Tim Cook also announced that Paul Thurrott is now the new Chief Strategic Advisor for Apple's mobile division.

Apple plans to make these wonderful new products available during the day.
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