Time for a shift

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 16 Apr 2009

Well, I did not win - but to be honest I did not expect to win my category in the SA Blog Awards, there were some very stiff competition, of which I can honestly say, some are very good.

The general theme on all these blogs were perhaps that most of the sites have a very personal theme to them - which is the idea behind a blog I guess. But seriously, some of the blogs are overly personal - in the sense that you feel you know the person without ever meeting them. They are good, dont get me wrong, but I feel the time I spent on this blog was perhaps wasted on a more objective viewpoint on tech related issues, something that academia does to you.

Maybe mpieters.com should start to shift to a more personal viewpoint of my life. I will still focus on tech related issues (after all, it is still my passion) but I will start looking at other things that I take note of. Still, if I ever meet you, the reader, in a pub somewhere, I want to have the feeling that you dont completely know me - and that is the part I am having trouble with. While I would not say I am introverted, but I am quite personal. I look forward to that beer.

Here goes nothing :-)

(What is your opinion of some overly personal SA Bloggers?)

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