OK, so the iPhone App Store is a big success. After seeing some amazing success stories by some app developers, it is hard not to want a piece of the pie. The iPhone OS is slowly becoming a very powerful platform for truly high powered software. iPhone OS 3.o will make this an absolute reality, after you see some of the apps that were demoed a few weeks ago at the iPhone 3.0 developer announcement.

Previously Apple prevented iPhone developers from contacting each other for tips and tricks through a contractual NDA, which stunted development and got a lot of criticism. Luckily they dropped the NDA, and now developers are free to create forums or groups to help each other out. In what is perhaps seen as a complete 180 degree move, Apple will start making Stanford education material for iPhone devolopment available on iTunes U. Best part - it will be free.

The course will be in video podcast format and be available to anyone on 3 April. Unfortunately South Africans have to deal with a massive download, in addition to the massive download of the SDK - currently more than a gigabyte.
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