iPhone wins JD Power satisfaction awards

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 04 May 2009
Apple has been rated the best wireless smartphone in the latest JD Power satisfaction ratings. The different smartphone manuafacturers were rated according to ease of operation, operating system, features, physical design, and battery function.

JD Power iPhone surveyThe iPhone performed very well in all these categories except for battery life. Well, this goes without saying. The typical iPhone user has to charge his phone every night.

HTC came second, with LG in the third spot. Funnily enough Palm was in 5th place, but this will probably change within the next year seeing as the Palm Pre is released, which will be great for competition in this sector. To combat the Pre (and its WebOS), Apple has already released a beta update of its OS, iPhone OS 3.0. The final version will ship in June/July.

The third generation iPhone will in all probability be announced at the next WWDC, which will be on 8 June 2009. Here's hoping that battery life will improve.
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