The iPhone 3GS arrives in SA, finally

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 31 Jul 2009
Vodacom iPhone 3GS contract pricing
Yes, the 3GS is finally here. Vodacom apparently interpreted July '09 as "31 July, 12:00, and only in a few stores in SA, and only in Gauteng".

After phoning a few Vodashops, it has now been confirmed that the iPhone 3GS is available today in SA, although only in Gauteng. If you are anywhere else, sorry for you buddy.

The next shipment of the phones are only coming second week of August, and that is probably when other provinces will get it.

Now while you Johannesburg and Pretoria guys and gals enjoy your 3GS, I will just stare at the beautiful mountains here in Stellenbosch.

To Vodacom: Im not mad at you, just disappointed.

More info on Vodacom's site.

After speaking to Vodacom head office, the iPhone is "launching" on Saturday, but stock is only available to stores by Wednesday. When asked about other provinces getting it only later, I was informed that no, couriers will send it to all provinces.

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