iPhone 3GS cost in SA leaked (thanks for nothing Vodacom)

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 24 Jul 2009
While I expect the high prices, I think it really shows poor service by Vodacom to not have ANY info on their website. Get with the program, the iPhone 3G has been announced in June already.

I walk into vodashop a few times a week to find out about 3GS, and I am normally stared at like I am speaking Mandarin.

Well, thanks to Craig Nicholson - he somehow got hold of the South African iPhone 3GS prices from Cellucity. However in my previous experience, Cellucity has higher prices for the iPhone. For example, Cellucity asked a R1000 more on a cash iPhone when I bought it last year. Seeing as it is a in-demand devices, it is understandable.

Lets hope Vodashops can also lower the prices slightly this time round (the finance option is what you pay in addition to your contract should you choose not to pay the once off fee):

Update: I spoke to a Cellucity representative who told me that these prices are entirely untrue. On the other hand, seeing as it is "leaked" they wont confirm anything.

iPhone 3GS 16GB iPhone 3GS 32GB
Package Once-Off Financed Once-Off Financed
Talk 1000 0
999 49
Talk 500 3439 169 4579 229
Business, Talk 120 & 240 3439 169 4579 229
Talk 350s 3439 169 4579 229
Top Up 315, 315s, 300s & 500s 3669 179 4809 239
Top Up 590 3669 179 4809 239
Talk 75s 4239 209 5379 269
Weekender 4919
iPhone 3GS Talk 500 1999 99 2999 149
iPhone 3GS Talk 120 & 240 2999 149 3999 199
iPhone 3GS Weekender 4199
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