When Apple announced their "find my iPhone" feature with OS 3.0, it was perhaps the first reason for me to get MobileMe. But face it, $99 a year is way to much money for what is basically a email service with some exchange like abilities thrown in. Most of its services are available from Google for free, and with much better cross platform integration (you can view my guide to it here)

But Find my iPhone still intrigues me, and the sign up fee might be a little sweeter if I can maybe connect a few people in my home on the service. Like hypothetically - me, my wife and our kid (who, hypothetically, is very spoilt and already has an iPhone). So me and @garymeyerza went about testing it today, and the good news is that it works.

After creating a single mobile me account (for the test we wanted to know if all the phones would work with a normal single mobile me account), we went about entering the details in to our iPhones. It is important to switch off syncing of mail, contacts and calendar on the phones, unless you want to share those details with all your housemates. Switch on "find my iphone" and then go switch on Push in the Mail settings. Important to mention is that you should reboot all the phones, and then wait for a complete, on network startup.

Then go to MobileMe, and you will be greeted by this:

Find my iPhone works with multiple iPhones.
As you can see, mobileme lists all the phones connected to the single account, and it works fine. We even tested it with a 2G orginal iPhone, and it works fine (if not as sharp in terms of accuracy due to lack of GPS). All three phones were in completely different areas across South Africa.

Now would I buy Mobile Me? I still dont know, it is actually a bit of hard sell. In my opinion, mobileme should me much cheaper, and find my iPhone should be a free service to ALL iPhone buyers. Hell, you can bundle it with the phone. It would make a much better marketing oppurtunity, and again another feature that other phones could catch up on.

Thanks to @garymeyerza for his help!

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