Core: Credit where it is due

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 17 Aug 2009
iStore in Waterfront, South Africa
While I have been critical of Core in the past, I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service at the iStore in Waterfront recently. As regular readers of this site might know, despite all of Apple's issues in SA, I am still a major fan of the iPhone. I honestly believe it is one of the best gadgets I have ever spent my money on, and I have never had any buyer's remorse.

Needless to say, I was very excited to get my hands on the iPhone 3GS when it was announced by Vodacom. Before this I went into Vodashop's several times a week to enquire about it, put my names on many reservation lists for the phone all in a bid to get one as soon as they land here. Needless to say, on launch day not a single Vodashop in the Western Cape could help me, all with their own pathetic excuse.

I decided to phone iStore, and surely enough they had only 5 available, and yes, my reserved name was on one of them. And I have to say, the service by Clinton was excellent - I told them I wanted a 32gig model, and I gave them my contract details over the phone. Now I should point out that I did not want a iPhone specific contract - I wanted to stay on a high end Top-Up contract. (When I told Cellucity this, they said no.) Through the day I got updates and confirmations that everything was in order. That night at 19:00 I drove over to Waterfront to go get my new toy. I walked into the shop, signed the final documents, swiped my card and walked out with a new iPhone 3GS.

Now I am pretty sure international readers will think nothing of this, but for South Africans this level of service is unheard of. Lets just say that if Core continues on this path, I might just give them a second chance.

You can read my initial impressions of the iPhone 3GS here.

PS: To this day, not one of the Vodacom branches I booked a 3GS with has phoned me.

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