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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 19 Aug 2009
Recently I came across Hertenberger's post about what iPhone Apps he uses, so I decided I will do something similiar - after all, there are a LOT of apps out there, and I always enjoy seeing what people use on their iPhones and how they link into their lives. Well here is my homescreen:

My iPhone homescreenJust like Hertenberger's post, I obviously put my quick access apps down on the dock/tray, and then the most often used apps on the homescreen. Here is my choices, and why I use them.

Contacts and Calendar: While nothing spectacular, I use these apps with Google Sync, which means I always have the latest possible version of my contacts and calendars on my phone. I do not use push, they update when I open the apps. Google Sync method is highly recommended. Want to know how to set it up? Read the guide here.

Facebook: Yeah, you all know Facebook, and yes, it is truly great on the iPhone. While nowhere near the functionality of the full website, it is quicker and easier. I am pretty sure anybody who uses Facebook on their iPhone hardly ever go back to the full website. I am really looking forward to version 3, which will enable a lot of new functionality on the iPhone.

Tweetie: This is the best twitter client on the iPhone in my opinion. Despite competitors being available for less, or even free, you cannot beat the stability and speed of tweetie. Its simplicity has caused me to switch to tweetie on my mac as well. Well worth the money.

Reader: This is not a traditional App, but merely a shortcut key to the Google Reader website. I use Google Reader multiple times per day, and it is a brilliant RSS reader. The iPhone specific interface is also a bonus. Highly recommended. Tip: If you read a lot of different websites every day, consider using Google Reader. You get through a lot of news much quicker and easier than manually visiting every site.

News24: The News24 application is well executed and a very quick way to quickly scan new headlines in SA. If you live in SA, try the application. Highly recommended.

Voice Memos: I use Voice Memos to record all my lectures and then upload them as podcasts for my students. Bonus is that my old iTalk Pro stereo recorder works with Voice memos to increase the sound quality as well. Can take up a lot of space, but if you have a large memory size iPhone you ought to be fine.

Beejive: Beejive is a multi protocol messenger that supports push notfications on iPhone. While its $10 price is a bit outrageous compared to other IM's on the Appstore, it is stable and feature rich. I especially like the Facebook integration, and the fact that with with the new version you can stay signed in via Push Notifications for up to 7 days. If they drop the price to $5, I think they will have a major hit on their hands.

These are all apps I use every single day - what Apps would you recommend? How does it link in to your lifestyle???

You can also read Hertenberger's recommendations here.

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