What I want from the Apple Tablet.

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 14 Aug 2009
So, the interwebz are abuzz with the news of a Apple Tablet machine coming, and deservedly so. While I am not anymore going to say that I dont believe it is not coming (there is way to much evidence forming), I am having a tough time placing it in Apple's line up. Microsoft has been trying to push the tablet idea for years, without much success. I think in Bill Gates 's vision we would all be working on tablets today, but sadly tablets are typically only used by sales reps.

Apple Tablet prototypeSo far the rumours seem to be pointing to the device being a iPhone OS based device with a 10 inch capacitative touchscreen similiar to the iPhone. While I cannot seem to find fault with the form factor, I really hope Apple would not use iPhone OS on the device. Current suggestions are that the device will cost about $ 800 - which in my opinion might be way to much for something that will essentially be a internet tablet. Where will this device fit into the typical user's lifestyle?

If it does not have a keyboard (or at least the ability to connect one) I wonder how it will fit in my daily routine. If I already have an iPhone and a Macbook, what will this device at to my computing lifestyle. I might see it as internet device that lays around at home, but not a travelling workstation that replaces my Macbook.

What I hope it is:

The more I think about it, the more I hope they just add at least the ability to use MacOSX on the device. One potential use which I do find intriguing is using the device as a secondary touch screen, when in the vicinity of your main Mac computer. There is a clear selling point.

If it can sync wirelessly my documents and media with my Mac, and enable me to quickly grab the device on the run, that sounds great. But then it should dock as well once I come back to my desk, and sync back any new info. A device like that might just replace the role of my macbook for quick trips, provided it has keyboard support. If this is the case, I expect to see Apple tablets in many meetings...

But Apple being Apple, I am sure whatever they create, it will be hit at first. Only time will tell if Apple can truly perfect the idea of the tablet computer.

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