Afrihost starts the broadband pricewar (hopefully)

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 23 Sep 2009

Ever since the launch of Seacom we have all been waiting for that "disruptive" ISP that will lead the pricewar, and it has been a few months already. Luckily, Afrihost is shaking things up all of a sudden.

Afrihost is currently running a limited time offer of very low cost ADSL bandwidth in SA. Hopefully this leads to more service providers lowering price. At the moment these bundles are available for "power users" - starting at 10 GB and going up to 100 GB per month.

The sad case is of course that in SA you are classified as a "power user" if you use 10 Gig per month. Hopefully this will change soon enough. Now we just need to wait for the other ISPs to make competitive offers, sooner rather than later.

Oh, to Vodacom and MTN - your time is now up. Where is the lower cost 3G? South Africa desperately needs lower cost 3G. Get going.

(thanks Paul Jacobson)
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