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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 11 Sep 2009
In the past week I havent quite gotten around to my blog - I was off on a quick getaway to Pretoria... Good to have a change of pace, even if it is only for a few days. In the mean time instead of my normal reviews and such, I did find a few very interesting services online, which I reckon is worth a visit:

Personas: This tool analyzes your online presence and tries to graph your personality traits based on traces you leave behind on the web - all in a very graphically rich and animated manner. Results do vary however, and I find that if you have a rather unique name (like me) the tool works brilliantly. However, if your name is John Smith, it might not be all that useful. Worth checking out.
TweetMeUp.net: Anybody who is on twitter would know about the new phenomena of "tweetups" - which basically means meet-ups organized on twitter. A typical scenario is at a conference, all the social media enthusiasts would organize a meet-up through the use of twitter. TweetMeUp uses a clean interface to quickly and easily set up a tweetup. They are currently working on the next release, so support South African developers and take a look at it!

Test Freaks
Testfreaks: Almost like metacritic for gadgets, this is pretty good aggregator of reviews for all things tech. They use a weighted score system depending on how influential the site is that reviews it, and its catalogue is quite big already. Also, if a particular product is getting older, it drops the score as well. A South African version is also available, but the catalogue is still limited.

To be honest, these days I post interesting sites to Twitter, and I also share them in Google Reader. So go take a look!

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