How to easily install Windows 7 on a Netbook: WintoFlash

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 08 Oct 2009
Yesterday my Lenovo S10e harddrive became corrupted for some strange reason, which gave me a chance to to finally install Windows 7 on it - I am done with Windows XP. Anybody who helps out friends and family with computer issues will tell you these days the computers that seem to get all the virusses, malware, corrupted disks, etc are all on that little OS we call Windows XP. Say what you want about Windows Vista, XP is where the real problem lies.

While its nothing new to install Windows 7 on a netbook, the process of installing Windows without an optical drive is quite a process up to now. Typically a user had to use the command prompt and go through a long process of making the flash disk bootable as a pseudo DVD.

WintoFlash luckily comes to the rescue - and the process could not be easier. Download the app and run it. From there choose the optical disc you want to transfer to the flash disk (You obviously need something roomy, like a 4GB+ size) and WintoFlash does the rest. It formats and makes the flash disk bootable and transfers all the setup files.

WintoFlash is also handy should you need to install Windows on to a lot of machines - installs go much, much quicker than from a DVD. It also works with a variety of Windows versions, not only 7.

So far I am very, very happy with Windows 7 on the Lenovo netbook. It is a standard s10e model but with 2Gig RAM. Performance is snappy enough, and so far I cannot see how people will stick to Windows XP once 7 is out, even if they run netbooks. Only small issue is that the 1024x600 somehow feels more cramped with the wider new taskbar, so I had to set it to autohide.

Highly recommended. (Download WintoFlash here)
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