New Nokia goodies I got to play around with

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 13 Nov 2009
At the recent Nokia "The Way We Live Next" event, I got the chance to play around with some new models that are coming. Here are some of my impressions:

Nokia N900:

This is Nokia's first shot at a Maemo powered device. The hardware itself is somewhat lacklustre - it is very thick and monolithic. The OS on  the other hand is where it shines (Reminds a little of the HTC G1). Maemo is a major step up from Symbian. Maemo is reasonably logical, and it was developed with touchscreens in mind. Menus and layout is easy to figure out, and it looks amazing, especially with N900's great screen. Unfortunately it will not be coming to South Africa soon.

Nokia N97 Mini:

Just a smaller version of the N97. Nothing to write home about - I never really thought the N97 was oversized, so its difficult to understand why this model was made.

Nokia X6:

This phone was surprising. It looks great, but most significantly, Nokia has finally put a capacitative screen on this. My biggest compliant of every single touch screen Nokia has been the use of resistive screens, and it was the biggest reason I was not a fan of the 5800. On the X6 the screen reacts quickly, and Symbian works better as a result of it. The hardware is slick looking as well. Great phone.

Nokia E72:

If people ask me what Nokia phone I recommend, I always wholeheartedly recommend the E71. The E72 is the successor - and it looks very similiar. But that is not a bad thing. It is sleek and thin, and a new trackpad is found, which gives a more natural motion to website browsing. It works as standard 5 way button, or if you prefer, you can simply swipe your finger across it. Still the best Nokia phone out there.

Nokia Booklet 3G:

While not a cellphone, this was the real attention grabber. The booklet is a thin netbook constructed from aluminium, has a 10.2 inch screen, and pretty standard netbook specs. It does however have a 12 hour battery (they claim), and comes with Windows 7. Currently this netbook will carry a slight price premium over other netbooks, but I am pretty sure it is worth it. Hopefully it reaches SA without network operators artificially blowing up the price.
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