Some cool iPhone cases I have come across

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 18 Nov 2009
After my recent iPhone failure, I have realized that keeping your iPhone in a decent case is almost mandatory. Vodacom scruntinizes every phone that has problems – even the smallest scratch can result in them refusing to repair your phone. The fact of the matter is that a iPhone is still a phone – I do think that Vodacom might perhaps be a bit stringent on some cases. Having a scratch on the back of an iPhone is not abuse in my opinion.

Well, rather safe than sorry right? The best cases for iPhone I have come across include the following:

Speck Candyshell: Yes, this is the best iPhone case bar none. It uses a clever enclosure that has semi hardshell on the outside, and a soft silicone inside. It fits the iPhone very tightly, and the best part is that it looks really good on the phone. The older generation Candyshell came in some silly colours which was not really my style (Watermelon pink en white?), but the new generation ones do look a little more neutral which come in plain white or black amongst other. Call me boring, but I like my phone in a neutral colour. Only one downside to the Candyshell – the headphone hole can be slightly small, which gives problems with some headphones. Not a biggy, but it could not fit my car audio system's aux in plug.

iSkin Revo2: Because of that small issue with the headphone port, this is the case I use personally. It is made of high quality silconce which is thick and protective. The other nice part is that the Revo2 has port coverings for all the holes on the phone. So if you are paranoid of waterdamage, this might be a good buy. The phone also comes with a hardcover for the screen (which soon becomes a nuisance), and also a very decent screen film. The screen film has a antiglare coating, and does not get fingerprints easily. Biggest downfall of the Revo2 is that it is quite costly. Incredible Connection sells it currently for R400 – more than the cost of some phones. Still highly recommended.

Bone Cases: KNR Flatrock have now started importing these cases as an alternative to iSkin cases, which are quite expensive.  These Bone cases are much better priced than iSkin, and they are of very good quality. While it does not ooze the quality of the iSkin cases, it does look like very good value. One of the cases I reviewed is called the Wrap, which have a integrated clip for coiling your headphones on. Not really my cup of tea (I don’t carry headphones everywhere), but you might find something like that handy. They make a few other cool cases as well - like the Wave. What I like about Bone cases are that they are slightly thinner - so if you are bothered by cases that make your phone too big, these are the ones to go for.
They go for about R199 at Look and Listen.]

OSIR Carbon case: This is one strange case. These cases are made by the same people who make actual carbon fibre aftermarket parts for cars, and yeah, the case is pricey. $59 in fact. The case is beautiful, light, and made very well. It clips onto the back of the phone, very firmly. When on the phone, it looks like the iPhone has a carbon rear. And therein lies its biggest problem – it has no protection for the front of the phone. And that is a deal breaker. The case is more form than function. (Image: jabella)
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