New Vodacom data prices

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 23 Apr 2010
Vodacom just announced that their data prices will effectively drop from the 1st of May. While you wont necessarily spend less on your mobile data, you will get more data for your money. First off, here is the “advanced” bundles, which are ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot when they exceed their data bundle.
MyMeg Broadband Advanced Service

FREE data included (MB) Bundle includes now:
MyMeg 150 Advanced 25 175
MyMeg 250 Advanced 50 300
MyMeg 500 Advanced 250 750
MyMeg One Advanced 512 1536
MyMeg Two Advanced 512 2560
Out of bundle megabytes are calculated at the same price as in bundle prices. If you are however a less demanding user, the standard broadband prices are as follows:
MyMeg Broadband Standard

FREE data included (MB) Bundle includes now:
MyMeg 150 25 175
MyMeg 250 50 300
MyMeg 500 100 600
MyMeg One 205 1229
MyMeg Two 307 2355
Well, any better value for our money is welcome. However, this does not necessarily mean we will spend less on our data costs – the free megs are just little enough that I am pretty sure most people will just stick to the plan they are already on. No Vodacom – does this mean Vodacom iPhone contracts now get 300 megs included? That is still not enough.
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