This just in: Telkom makes internet affordable to the masses

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 01 Apr 2010
Today Telkom announced new pricing policies on ADSL in South Africa. Media spokesman Rich Maniam also gave a short explanation on why the price cuts have been put in place.

First off Telkom is stopping the necessity of having to have a "voice" line as well as a "ADSL" line. Mr Maniam explained that Telkom was not aware until now on how ADSL works. He explained that a top engineer in Telkom realized that ADSL is simply the seperation of frequencies between voice and data within the a single copper line. He concluded that it was a happy finding, but unfortunately customers might discover this as well, so this was a necessary change to uphold Telkom's good public name.

Secondly Telkom is wavering the R580 for ADSL line install. Rich says that defiant customers of Telkom have realized that paying R580 for a ADSL line "install" was unnecassary. He says Telkom was hessitant to do this at first seeing as it requires very skilled staff to plug in ADSL filters into telephone ports.

Telkom is also upgrading its lines effective today to compete on international level. First off, it has upgraded all lines to a minimum linespeed of 12Mbps.

When asked when Telkom will release uncapped ADSL like many ISP's in SA, Rich Maniam responded: "We have to first look at what is best for the consumer. This can take some time, so we will have an official response by Q4 2012.".
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