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Posted by Minnaar Pieters 14 Apr 2010
I am paranoid about getting my gadgets dinged up. I am one of those guys who does not use his toys until there is some type of protection over it. The problem with the iPhone is that the entire front display is exposed so it cannot be covered by a case - so you have to get a film.

While there are many films on the market, there is only one film I would seriously consider. The first problem with most films are that they are very difficult to apply. It is next to impossible to fit a film on the iphone without bubbles are some dust speck landing underneath the film, and dont think you can remove the film and refit it... The Invisibleshield works a bit different. The Invisibleshield arrives precision cut for the iPhone face and rear. Inside the box you will find a small sealed container with some liquid and a small spunge inside. To place the Invisibleshield on the iphone you first moisten the film's sticky side and your finger tips. But you should use a lot of liquid. When you think its enough liquid, use more. Really.

Then you apply the wet film over the iPhone and then rub out the bubbles with a small card - and they go away instantly, thanks to the liquid. You can also adjust the film's  position once it is on the screen so you put it on perfectly. Once the film is in position and all the bubbles are rubbed out, you will have to wait for a while. At first you will see some tiny bubbles underneath, but low and behold they all disappear after a few hours. In fact once its properly applied to the phone, you cannot even see it. On close inspection the screen has a slight orange peel effect, almost like your iPhone has a bit of cellulite :-).

The feel takes a bit of getting used to, it is a slightly rubbery feel. But perhaps even more important is the level of protection. Ever since I have the invisibleshield on my phone, I dont have treat my phone like its made of porcelain. I can chuck my phone and keys into the same pocket without worrying about scratches. Invisibleshield is seriously tough - just go look around on the web at a few examples. Here is one.

Yeah it is tough.

The Invisibleshield is not cheap however - and I have been critical of its price in the past. At that time I put it on a iPhone 3G, and when I got my 3GS, guess what is the first thing I wanted to get for my phone? It is just such a high quality product that I want to add it to more of my day to day items. Luckily it is available for a variety of devices.

Just a quick tip - if you do look for one for your device, dont believe salesmen that tell their product is similiar. It is not. I am so impressed by Invisibleshield that I will get it for some of my other gadgets as well...

The ZAGG Invisibleshield goes for about R200 - R300 depending on where you get it.

Disclosure: I do not work for ZAGG, I just find it a great product and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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