Xbox Live coming to South Africa

Posted by Minnaar Pieters 15 Jun 2010
Oh this will make the gamers happy. For long us South Africans had to use strange methods to be able to use Xbox Live, we had to masquarade as yanks in order to play our games online. What made this doubly insulting is that we pay full price for our Xbox games, and these days the online component of a game is even more important than the actual game. Just ask any Halo or Forza fan.

Microsoft has finally announced that SA will be getting Xbox Live within the next three months. A definate date was not given, but we can be assured it is before the end of September. This was of course hand in hand with the announcement of the “Kinect” peripheral (called “Project Natal” in the past) and the new Xbox 360, which is slimmer, shinier, quiter and better looking than the original Xbox 360.

So will you be getting the Kinect? And will you finally sign up for Xbox Live now that it is officially in SA?

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